Re: A try at GNOME MDI

On Thu, Apr 09, 1998 at 12:32:31AM -0400, wrote:

> > Or perhaps Miguel will step in and slay MDI.  Hmm...
> IMO, that could be the death of Gnome. we have to support as much as
> possible, no matter how much some people dislike it. don't forget it's one
> of the keys to microsoft's success with windows.

Is this the same MS that doesn't support focus-follows-mouse,
auto-raise, sloppy-focus, virtual desktops, or remote applications?
If this is the key to success, Linux and Gnome are surely well on
their way to world domination.

What *would*, IMHO, be a suitable replacement for MDI would be some
standard way to specify to the window manager that a main application
window should never be allowed to overlay any dialog windows that are
associated with the main window, and to specify that any dialog
windows are to be hidden when the main application window is iconized.

-- John Kodis, grumpy old MDI basher at large.

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