Re: A try at GNOME MDI

Moin moin,

>>>>> "John" == John Kodis <> writes:

    John> What *would*, IMHO, be a suitable replacement for MDI would
    John> be some standard way to specify to the window manager that a
    John> main application window should never be allowed to overlay
    John> any dialog windows that are associated with the main window,
    John> and to specify that any dialog windows are to be hidden when
    John> the main application window is iconized.

That's exactly what the WindowMaker window manager
( does, when you set some X11 window
properties right (and that's something that gtk still has some
problems with).  If I remember this right, you have to have the
WM_CLIENT_LEADER and the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property on your dialog
window point to your main window.

Carsten, who hates MDI too.

Carsten Schaar                         email:

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