Re: A try at GNOME MDI

On 7 Apr 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

> Jaka> what I've really been missing in the Gtk+ has been a MDI
> Jaka> (Multiple Document Interface) widget (like the MDI in MFC), so
> Jaka> I've implemented two GnomeMDI widgets: GnomeMDIPouch that stores
> Jaka> GnomeMDIRoo widgets. The widgets seem to do their jobs well, but
> Jaka> don't look very aesthetic yet.  If anybody is interested in
> Jaka> taking a look at it, a source tarball is attached with this
> Jaka> message. Is such a widget considered necessary?
> I despise MDI.
> That doesn't mean I'm against programs using it.  It does mean that
> I'd like to have the option of turning it off globally.  I would never
> want to use a program that is MDI-only.
> Would it be possible to write the code so that if MDI is turned off
> then the sub-windows become independent toplevels?
> This isn't necessarily trivial since you have to decide how to handle
> the top-level menu.  Perhaps this could be done by integrating with
> the gnome-app code; the idea being that each "internal toplevel" would
> have its own menu, and then in MDI mode the enclosing menubar would be
> constructed by merging all the other menus.
> Or perhaps Miguel will step in and slay MDI.  Hmm...

IMO, that could be the death of Gnome. we have to support as much as
possible, no matter how much some people dislike it. don't forget it's one
of the keys to microsoft's success with windows.
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