Re: git status update?

On 2/27/09, Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net> wrote:
>  >  + translators: I think it's more or less fine for documentation. It'd
>  >    certainly be nice to be able to commit from, though.
>  >    Is ready for a switch?
>  >    (I would still think that it'd be nice to have a very limited script
>  >     that can only do checkout/update/commit for translators, so they
>  >     don't have to struggle with the git ui, but well, that's just my
>  >     opinion)
>  >    [not blocker, unless gets broken]
> We have code in to autocommit po files directly from the
>  site. Now we'd need a SVN account for the Web app user. I've already
>  written privately to Christian Rose. Should I ask to accounts gnome org?

Please do. Possibly this will have to be discussed in the accounts
team; this would be the first non-personal account I'm aware of and
there could be issues worth discussing.


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