Re: git status update?

Le jeudi 26 février 2009, à 14:22 -0500, Kristian Høgsberg a écrit :
> I think we're all set to press the big button after the release goes
> out, and in the meantime we can move over individual repos not part the
> GNOME release over if people want. Is there anything specific you want
> an update on?

I chatted briefly with Owen a few hours ago. I was thinking there'd be
a status update sent on the list while he was thinking that I was
looking at Small misunderstanding :-)

So let me take the wiki page and based on this, let's try to see what's
not ready. I'm assuming we don't need anything that's not mentioned on
the wiki page, which might or might not be true -- we'll have to check
this with the whole community before committing to a date for a

 + data integrity: what was verified? Reading the threads here, I got
   the feeling that a few modules were checked, and then some
   maintainers checked their modules. But are we 100% confident
   everything is fine?

 + server usage: has this been evaluated? Is it okay?
   [not blocker, unless we discover it's really bad]

 + pre-commit checks: are they implemented?
   [I'd consider this a blocker, but this is debatable]

 + jhbuild: see Fred's mail
   [potentially blocker if updating a branch is not always working:]

 + build bot: any news?
   [blocker: it was hard to start getting the build brigade running.
    IMHO, it's not an option to lose this]

 + translators: I think it's more or less fine for documentation. It'd
   certainly be nice to be able to commit from, though.
   Is ready for a switch?
   (I would still think that it'd be nice to have a very limited script
    that can only do checkout/update/commit for translators, so they
    don't have to struggle with the git ui, but well, that's just my
   [not blocker, unless gets broken]

 + does it need something?
   (not mentioned on the wiki, but just thought about it)
   [not blocker: most docs come from tarballs]

 + svn externals: is there a resolution?
   [blocker: we have modules using this]

 + commit hooks: are all hooks ported?
   [potentially blocker: depends on the hooks]

 + web front-end: could be improved a bit, but I guess it's mostly fine.
   [not blocker]

 + how to create a new repo?
   [not blocker]

 + migration of docs: we have quite a lot of docs using svn. Eg, if all
   the stuff under is not ready
   to be migrated, that's bad.
   [nearly blocker]

 + gitorious: has this been evaluated? Can it be set up?
   [not blocker]

So, when I look at this page, I wouldn't say we're ready to press the
big button. I really think it'd be bad to have regressions in other
parts of our infrastructure because of a vcs migration.

FWIW, I'm not saying it's up to the people who worked on this so far to
do all the tasks. But for example, I don't think the build bot stuff was
even discussed on build-brigade-list while it would have been a good
way to have people look at this issue.



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