Re: git status update?

Kristian Høgsberg wrote:

> I'm not aware of any major blockers for moving things to git; commit
> emails and cia bot is hooked up, cgit is in place and the repositories

Commit emails do not match the plans described in the recent proposal
by Owen; most notably I need some kind of final form to update the
buildbot scripts.

Also I didn't participate in that thread as Owen listed the feature I
would have requested (as it is really nice for the buildbots):
>> a cgit link to the the commit might be a nice addition

Early January I added pointers to jhbuild bug reports at
with that note:
  > There are a few bug reports that would benefit the eye
  > of a git expert
and got no comment on those reports, and
has "TODO: Figure out what needs to be done for jhbuild "

Could somebody figure this out before the migration?

Generally there is a lot of TODO on
perhaps it could simply be cleaned so the status is better known?



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