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On 02/26/2009 03:30 PM, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 14:50 -0500, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
On 02/18/2009 12:49 PM, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
On 02/18/2009 09:12 AM, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 06:57 -0800, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
On 01/14/2009 04:10 PM, Owen Taylor wrote:
A few repositories are known broken, including:

Is it worth reporting that the Tomboy repository is still broken? Not
sure if a new migration has been run recently, so just checking.  I
believe it's a simple matter of not importing an ancient tag from CVS
named "HEAD".
I reimported it just now, looks better?
Well, the HEAD tag is gone now and I can use gitk, which rocks, but
there are now some new problems:

1) Some missing files:,, help/omf.make,
help/, help/C/legal.xml, help/C/figures/tomboy-tools.png,
help/es/figures/tomboy-tools.png.  There are also missing .cvsignore
files, but that is of course OK.  I used meld to do the comparison, btw.

2) I noticed there are some duplicate tags, like TOMBOY_0_12_2 (from svn
r2263) and TOMBOY_0_12_2_svn2264 (from svn r2264).  I am guessing that
this is the result of retagging?  If so, then I think only the latest
one should be kept.  If there is some reason to keep both, then the
latest one should keep the TOMBOY_0_12_2 name, and the earlier attemps
should get the "_svnXXXX" suffix.
Any update on these issues? The first is a blocker for us, and the
second is fairly serious as well.

I took a look again and it turns out that tomboy (like vala) started in
svn when gnome was still using cvs.  So there's no cvs history and the
svn history goes back beyond the switch to svn.  The fix for vala fixes
tomboy too - I reimported the tomboy repo, and it looks good.  The

Actually, Tomboy used GNOME CVS from its inception, and moved to SVN at the same time as all GNOME modules did. I'm guessing that whatever fix you made to remove the old "HEAD" tag from CVS messed up the CVS import history? Anyway, the whole history seems to be there, including old branches and tags from the CVS days, and there are no more missing files, so it looks good on this front.

importer still creates the _svnXXXX tags for the cases where a tag has
been overwritten.  The _svnXXX tags can just be deleted.

Actually, the _svnXXX tags are the ones I want (but with proper names) because they are the newest ones. The example I gave before was:

Tag			SVN rev		Valid?
TOMBOY_0_12_2		2263		No
TOMBOY_0_12_2_svn2264	2264		Yes (should be "TOMBOY_0_12_2")

I'm guessing this will be a problem in at least a few other repos. I poked around a bit and saw the problem several times in GDM, a bit in's probably in others, too. Hopefully the import script can be tweaked?

Please let me know if I should just sit tight for awhile, or if there's
some other way you'd prefer me to report these issues.  Don't want to be
a bother. :-)

Thanks for reminding me :)

Glad to help!


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