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> Possibilities:

> * Partial/full sponsorship of the fee required for setting up a
> * Partial/full sponsorship of hardware needed if we setup our own
> booth.

i might add that a mail detailing the expenses involved in either
case has been put out to the list. we also need to start ideating on
what to demonstrate and as SriRamakrishna opined there has to be some
scripted demos too.

was thinking, that Novell [Ximian] and Wipro folks are the prime
candidates to showcase eye-candy with regards to GNOME, so when can
we start getting some feedback on whether there will be
sponsorships - the sooner the better is the theme of the day ?

> Incidentally, I was reading about the differences between the Hub
> having an individual booth. IMHO we should target getting ourselves
> booth. That gives us a lot more attention than a couple of
> that people might just swing by. A booth allows us to tell a
> comprehensive story, make a marketing pitch etc.
> What do the others think ?

expenses RPM, expenses. when you are expecting someone else to pick
up the tab it is probably better to talk about the lowest common
denominator. i agree with the visibility part, but then conversely a
GNOME India presence is likely to create a buzz.

ILUG-Delhi has been kept in the loop in the form of Raj Mathur and as
well as a post from myself to the list. nabakumar's proposal is
welcomed and if he is willing to be the intermediary then do please
go ahead. arjun from the iLUG-D is also on the list and he might be
able to shed some light on their plans (LinuxLingam was planning some
mighty good show)

so to sum it up ::

[1] let's get some preliminary talk with Wipro going - HS are you
going to coordinate for the organisation ? as an individual the world
is your oyster - where do you desire to chip in ?

[2] Ximian/Novell - who takes up the baton ?

[3] suggest goodies, demonstrations etc

[4] those who feel that talking with me would do good - please write
in offline and thou shalt receive

basically my idea is to spread the expenses between 2 organisations
(stall from one and hardware, handouts from another) so as to ensure
that all are involved in an inclusive way without initiating
corporate turf wars.

season's greetings and have a wonderful day
warm regards


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