Re: Where are we on this ? > Re: [GNOME-India] Response from Linux Asia

Hi Alolita,

	I just thought of some things which we shall need help with. Everybody
should feel free to chime in:	

> I am in the GNOME team at Wipro. We have a lot of interested folks out

	That is excellent :-) As most of us know, the Wipro people have done a
lot of excellent work on GNOME.

> here. Please get in touch with me about specific ways we can help -
> individually and as a company. I will look into the possibilities and
> revert.

	Sounds good.

> I am off on vacation from 25th dec 2003 till 4th Jan 2004. I will revert
> to all mails post Jan 4th.

	I guess we have some time to thrash out the details before you return
then :-)


	* Partial/full sponsorship of the fee required for setting up a booth

	* Partial/full sponsorship of hardware needed if we setup our own

	Incidentally, I was reading about the differences between the Hub and
having an individual booth. IMHO we should target getting ourselves a
booth. That gives us a lot more attention than a couple of computers
that people might just swing by. A booth allows us to tell a
comprehensive story, make a marketing pitch etc.

	What do the others think ?


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