Re: Launchpad licensing issues

Hi Anna,

Am Donnerstag, den 03.07.2008, 17:39 +0000 schrieb Anna Jonna
> Today, when I logged into Launchpad, the interface 
> gave me an ultimatum, either convert all licenses of 
> my translations to BSD license, or else all my translations 
> will be removed from Launchpad. 
> I think this will upset the way the icelandic translation team 
> is working. When building up a team, this is the way to 
> take it down. 
> As a translator I always license my translations under the 
> same license as the software itself. Anything else, is 
> nonsense in my opinion. 

AFAIK the BSD-License was chosen exactly to permit this. You can easily
relicense BSD-licensed code (translations as well) to (L)GPL. They chose
the BSD-License to be able to deal with upstreaming of translations
(read: pushing launchpad translations into the upstream projects).


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