Re: Translations for LSR project

On 6/7/06, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:
Speaking of specifiers, a thing I wanted to mention is the following
type of messages:

#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "A %s with name %s was removed from profile %s"

The second and third specifier should not be a problem here, I think.
I assume that they are filled with the name and then the name of the
profile, respectively. If you want to help translators with their
assumptions, please use translator comments; they would be good to
have in either case.

Anyway, the problem is the first specifier in this sentence: "A %s with..."
It seems like a noun will get inserted there. Please do not insert
nouns into sentences with specifiers. I doubt this will even work with
English; if the noun was "apple", "A apple with..." would be wrong.
The problem gets much worse with other languages that may use
different genders for different nouns, and then prefixes or even whole
sentences may have to be rewritten depending on the gender of the

Please use full sentences instead:

"A parameter with name %s was removed from profile %s"
"An attribute with name %s was removed from profile %s"
"A tag with name %s was removed from profile %s"


I have added this as now.


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