Re: Translations for LSR project

Your build tools shouldn't touch the po files -- in GNOME, the
translators update their po files themselves using intltool-update.
This reduces the likelyhood of CVS conflicts and the like when a
translator might spend days or weeks updating a translation. So it
would help if you could treat the po files themselves as the domains
of translators.
The build tools should, however, of course produce the mo files and do
XML merging using intltool if necessary.

Sure. Producing the mo files and doing the merging is all I meant.

Other files in the po directory, like or POTFILES.skip, is
the responsibility of the programmer's to maintain. This is because a
programmer which is involved with the development of the project would
most certainly know which source files are actually used and which are
not, whereas J. Random Translator would not. Fortunately,
"intltool-update --maintain" makes finding stray files which have not
been enlisted easy.

Not a problem. I did not know about intltool-update. I will take
advantage of that from now on.

We do not have a general copyright assignment procedure in the GTP, so
AFAIUI technically the translations belong to the translator who
contributed it, if nothing else is stated, and under what license
terms I do not know. But IANAL of course.

If you want to play safe, you can request that all contributed
translations properly say
"This file is distributed under the same license as the LSR package."
in their header, and ask for the translations to be removed if not.

OK. I will check on what my employer requires for the translation
licenses. If they do wish that notice to be included at the top of all
translation files, to where should I post that request? To this
mailing list? To some file in CVS that translators read?


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