Re: Translations for LSR project

On 6/2/06, Peter Parente <parente gmail com> wrote:
> Your build tools shouldn't touch the po files -- in GNOME, the
> translators update their po files themselves using intltool-update.
> This reduces the likelyhood of CVS conflicts and the like when a
> translator might spend days or weeks updating a translation. So it
> would help if you could treat the po files themselves as the domains
> of translators.
> The build tools should, however, of course produce the mo files and do
> XML merging using intltool if necessary.

Sure. Producing the mo files and doing the merging is all I meant.

> Other files in the po directory, like or POTFILES.skip, is
> the responsibility of the programmer's to maintain. This is because a
> programmer which is involved with the development of the project would
> most certainly know which source files are actually used and which are
> not, whereas J. Random Translator would not. Fortunately,
> "intltool-update --maintain" makes finding stray files which have not
> been enlisted easy.

Not a problem. I did not know about intltool-update. I will take
advantage of that from now on.

Cool. It seems intltool-update currently complains on some files in
CVS not being enlisted, perhaps you can take a look at that.

Furthermore, I think it's safe to remove the en_US.po file from CVS --
in GNOME, we require the source messages to be in US English, so there
should be no need for an en_US.po anyway.

I have added lsr to the 'extras' section of the GNOME translation
status pages now at -- it should show up
in short. Hopefully this will result in some new translations being
produced and committed. :-)

Regarding the license issue -- Perhaps you can add a
README.translators file in the po directory where you mention that you
would like a proper license clarification at the top of every
contributed po file.


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