Re: Progress pages, doc/ui order

Hi Bob,

Yesterday at 21:34, Bob Mauchin wrote:

> I have got some questions about Damned Lies. What's your plan with
> this tool ? Will you keep it as a reporting tool or do you want to
> build a kind of Pootle or Vertimus (example
> ) ? (with time and
> ressources).

Short term: only reporting and maybe translation coordinator changes
over the web.  Longer term: full translation team management.

Haven't yet given any thought to implementing Pootle- or Rosetta-like
functionality, and I think it would be easier to integrate with any of
these existing tools if we want web-based translation.

> Do you think it's possible to bind it with a svn server
> dedicated to translation as mentionned here
> ?
> It could be a good basis to a GNOME translation platform. (Maybe I'm
> dreaming :) )

The problem with binding with SVN is privileges: if we use single
dedicated SVN account for process doing the updates, we lose track of
SVN history (who committed what), and we have to be careful when
programming to not make mistakes which would allow complete access to
Gnome SVN.  And we make use of SVN over SSH with each coordinator
still having their own SVN account, we've got the problem of entering
SSH key passphrases on commit.

Granted, any of these can be solved in one way or another, but it
requires a lot of care, whereas with read-only code, there's nothing
to mess up :)


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