Re: Translating release notes

Greek team (following your instructions) prepares Greek release notes.
One minor issue that appeared is that in page that presents supported
languages sorting is made following English alphabet.
So in Greek languages come in wrong sort order.


On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:39:38 +0100, Danilo Åegan <danilo gnome org> wrote:
> Hi Murray, translators,
> If you're a translator, you might want to skip the first part which is
> mostly useful for managing *all* translations at a time.  If someone
> is not aware, xml2po is part of gnome-doc-utils in Gnome CVS, and
> requires GNU gettext, Python and libxml2 Python bindings.
> Yesterday at 10:29, Murray Cumming wrote:
> >> If you don't want to use gnome-doc-utils, you can merge translations
> >> back simply using "xml2po -p sr/sr.po -o sr/rnotes.xml C/rnotes.xml",
> >> but you might need to repeat this for every single file.
> >
> > Excellent. Could you please try this out in releng?
> First a note: there was a (tiny :) bug in xml2po which prevented it
> from accepting certain kinds of messages.  It's fixed in CVS, so
> please use that instead.
> I didn't change any of the previous layout of rnotes, so I couldn't
> use gnome-doc-utils.make rules.  Thus, I simply resorted to writing a
> po/Makefile which provides common actions:
>   1. Generate a POT file for translation
>      "make release-notes.pot"
>   2. Update all translations in PO files and print the stats out
>      "make stats"
>   3. Merge all translations back (sr.po -> xml-sr/*.xml)
>      "make generate" or "make" (this will print the stats out as well)
>   4. Periodically "run XMLFILES" to see if there's a missing file you
>      might need to add there (I didn't do $(wildcard ../*.xml) on
>      purpose, since you might need to exclude some files).
> Not using gnome-doc-utils means that some things (such as missing
> translated screenshots) will cause problems in translations, so one
> should do something like "if [ ! -f <lang>/figures/$i ]; then cp
> figures/$i <lang>/figures/$i; fi".  I'll probably add something
> similar in the rule for generating each translation.
> So far, I've added partial Serbian (20+ messages translated) and
> German translation (1 message translated, probably that one is
> incorrect too :).
> Translators should do the following:
>   1. check-out entire releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/ module
>   2. cd releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/po
>   2a. if starting, eg. for German (de)
>       "make release-notes.pot && cp release-notes.pot de.po"
>   2b. if continuing your translation, sync it first
>       "make de.po"
>   3. update de.po with your favourite PO editor
>   4. test translation:
>      "make xml-de"
>      then look at xml-de/*.xml files with Yelp
>   5. add translated screenshots inside xml-de/figures/
>   6. update po/ChangeLog
>   7. commit de.po and xml-de/figures/*.png
>      DO NOT COMMIT xml-de/*.xml files, which can be easily regenerated
>      (and should probably be committed only prior to publication,
>      depending on Gnome web infrastructure, but I think it's better
>      that whoever manages this actually moves it someplace else, such
>      as releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/).
> Now, it's up to release managers to decide what translations to
> publish later on (you can use "make stats" to see which translation
> is completely finished).  For all purposes, generated files in
> xml-<lang> will exactly mirror the layout of parent 2.10rnotes
> directory, so publishing should be as simple as pointing scripts to
> different directories.
> Murray, there's a simple typo in release notes: look for "sticky
> motes" ("motes" vs. "notes": I'm certain translators will find more
> when they start translating).
> Cheers,
> Danilo
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