Re: Translating release notes

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 12:39 +0100, Danilo Åegan wrote:
> Hi Murray, translators,
> If you're a translator, you might want to skip the first part which is
> mostly useful for managing *all* translations at a time.  If someone
> is not aware, xml2po is part of gnome-doc-utils in Gnome CVS, and
> requires GNU gettext, Python and libxml2 Python bindings.
> Yesterday at 10:29, Murray Cumming wrote:
> >> If you don't want to use gnome-doc-utils, you can merge translations
> >> back simply using "xml2po -p sr/sr.po -o sr/rnotes.xml C/rnotes.xml",
> >> but you might need to repeat this for every single file.
> >
> > Excellent. Could you please try this out in releng?
> First a note: there was a (tiny :) bug in xml2po which prevented it
> from accepting certain kinds of messages.  It's fixed in CVS, so
> please use that instead.
> I didn't change any of the previous layout of rnotes, so I couldn't
> use gnome-doc-utils.make rules.

If you still want to change the layout, that's OK. Now would be the
time. What do you need? Otherwise, we'll just try to get it right for

>   Thus, I simply resorted to writing a 
> po/Makefile which provides common actions:
>   1. Generate a POT file for translation
>      "make release-notes.pot"
>   2. Update all translations in PO files and print the stats out
>      "make stats"
>   3. Merge all translations back (sr.po -> xml-sr/*.xml)
>      "make generate" or "make" (this will print the stats out as well)
>   4. Periodically "run XMLFILES" to see if there's a missing file you 
>      might need to add there (I didn't do $(wildcard ../*.xml) on
>      purpose, since you might need to exclude some files).
> Not using gnome-doc-utils means that some things (such as missing
> translated screenshots) will cause problems in translations, so one
> should do something like "if [ ! -f <lang>/figures/$i ]; then cp
> figures/$i <lang>/figures/$i; fi".  I'll probably add something
> similar in the rule for generating each translation.
> So far, I've added partial Serbian (20+ messages translated) and
> German translation (1 message translated, probably that one is
> incorrect too :).
> Translators should do the following:
>   1. check-out entire releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/ module
>   2. cd releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/po
>   2a. if starting, eg. for German (de)
>       "make release-notes.pot && cp release-notes.pot de.po"
>   2b. if continuing your translation, sync it first
>       "make de.po"
>   3. update de.po with your favourite PO editor
>   4. test translation:
>      "make xml-de"
>      then look at xml-de/*.xml files with Yelp
>   5. add translated screenshots inside xml-de/figures/
>   6. update po/ChangeLog
>   7. commit de.po and xml-de/figures/*.png
>      DO NOT COMMIT xml-de/*.xml files, which can be easily regenerated
>      (and should probably be committed only prior to publication,
>      depending on Gnome web infrastructure, but I think it's better
>      that whoever manages this actually moves it someplace else, such
>      as releng/2.x/2.10rnotes/).

This is very very cool. Could you put these notes in releng itself,
maybe as readme_translators.txt?

> Now, it's up to release managers to decide what translations to
> publish later on (you can use "make stats" to see which translation
> is completely finished).  For all purposes, generated files in
> xml-<lang> will exactly mirror the layout of parent 2.10rnotes
> directory, so publishing should be as simple as pointing scripts to
> different directories.

Thank you so much.

> Murray, there's a simple typo in release notes: look for "sticky
> motes" ("motes" vs. "notes": I'm certain translators will find more
> when they start translating). 

Feel free to fix this type of thing when you find it.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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