Re: Translating release notes

Hi Murray,

Yesterday at 13:39, Murray Cumming wrote:

> The release notes are written in docbook format, in the releng cvs
> module. I don't think we have any special way to deal with docbook yet
> like we can deal with po files. So I will just create a translations
> directory and you can add a directory under that for each locale.

Actually, gnome-doc-utils and xml2po *can* be used to automate this.
It's really simple, and look at how bug-buddy uses it for guidance
(me slaps myself for not finishing tutorial on transferring modules
to use gnome-doc-utils). 

You simply put docbook files in .../C, and translations in
.../<lang>/<lang>.po, and then gnome-doc-utils.make handles merging
them back using xml2po.  Getting a POT file is as simple as "xml2po -o
blah.pot C/rnotes.xml" (provided it uses entity references; otherwise,
just do "xml2po -o blah.pot C/*.xml").  

If you don't want to use gnome-doc-utils, you can merge translations
back simply using "xml2po -p sr/sr.po -o sr/rnotes.xml C/rnotes.xml",
but you might need to repeat this for every single file.

> There is also a 1 page press release in OpenOffice format. I hope that
> we can translate that as well.

Perhaps someone can experiment with using xml2po to handle OO document
XML format as well (it shouldn't be too hard).


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