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El sáb, 29-11-2003 a las 12:43, Christian Rose escribió:
> ons 2003-11-26 klockan 19.26 skrev Ole Laursen:
> > > Of course, "developer-app" doesn't fit in this scheme and doesn't match
> > > any GNOME release that I know of, and I'm not sure why it was added when
> > > we moved to the current version of the status pages to begin with.
> > > Perhaps Carlos can answer that.
> > 
> > I think it is nice to have the development tools separated somehow. I
> > think the status pages should help us prioritize what we translate,
> > and translating developer tools is (at least for Danish) somewhat
> > silly as long as there are important untranslated end-user tools.
> Yes, but I think introducing an artificial "developer-app" section is
> confusing, since there is no such release. I think the only artificial
> section we should have is "extras", because we need a section that
> covers everything that is not part of any release. All the other
> sections should match actual releases.

developer-app was a proposed section with the GNOME 2.0 release (or 2.2,
I don't remember it correctly...)

Now it's not used so I'm with you, just remove it.

> I also think we should distinguish between the need for "categorization"
> and simply "information" here. Do we need to put developer applications,
> text editors, email clients, file managers, etc. all on different status
> pages? Probably not. Could we perhaps still display some very brief
> information about what type of application every module is on the status
> pages? Perhaps.

Yes, but that's a MAINTAINER task, perhaps they could add a file to
their code tree so we could just copy the description from that file and
show it inside status pages.


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