Re: Proposed status page changes

Christian Rose <> writes:


> Of course, "developer-app" doesn't fit in this scheme and doesn't match
> any GNOME release that I know of, and I'm not sure why it was added when
> we moved to the current version of the status pages to begin with.
> Perhaps Carlos can answer that.

I think it is nice to have the development tools separated somehow. I
think the status pages should help us prioritize what we translate,
and translating developer tools is (at least for Danish) somewhat
silly as long as there are important untranslated end-user tools.

But I agree wrt. the office modules. If they were all very well
integrated (like OO.o), it might make more sense to separate them.
I.e. if you translated one, you'd better translate them all to get a
good user experience. But it is not like that currently. We can always
later change our mind.

Ole Laursen

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