Re: Updating po files on make dist

On 2003-05-24(Sat) 18:33:59 +0200, Ole Laursen wrote:
> Christian Rose <> writes:
> > One could argue that that's just me being so "clumsy", but since it's
> > reportedly not uncommon for maintainers to revert such committed diff
> > files that break building, one can guess that it's not that uncommon of
> > a problem among translators that don't expect others to touch their po
> > file without prior warning.
> I agree with you Christian. Having CVS conflicts just because the po
> subdirectory is regenerated is lame. Currently, I always have to run
> 'ls -a' to make sure there isn't a not-broken file around. It's a

And me too. I still remembered it clearly when I encountered CVS
conflict for the first time, and ran into panic -- finally I just
retranslated everything.

For the 'unmaintained translation take longer time to make dist' thing,
this point is not so important. Unmaintained po files do take longer
time during msgmerge, but that's only noticable when the package has
many strings -- which usually implies the package is already very big
(like evolution). It sounds to me that the extra time earned from
committing po files everytime is negligible.


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