Re: Updating po files on make dist

fre, 23.05.2003 kl. 15.10 skrev Janne:
> I can add, as a lowly translator, that I have resigned to doing just a
> few dozen strings at a time out of fear of cvs collisions. And as my
> grip on the cvs tools are less than complete, my recourse whenever this
> happens is generally to move my local po file, check out the cvs version
> again and redo all translations that were lost. This is not a whole lot
> of fun when it happens, and leads to much more frequent check-ins than
> would really be necessary. If a way could be found that is not painful
> for developers, and that will remove these collisions, that would be
> great.
But one has been described here several times. There are *always*
backups of the original files when conflicts occur. Just copy the backup
to the original and carry on as you were. I do not see the problem here
and it certainly doesn't involve deep knowledge about the cvs tools etc.
It's just a simple mv(1) :-)


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