Re: Is gnome-i18n module too fat?

On 2003-05-19(Mon) 04:54:02 +0300, Yanko Kaneti wrote:
> (Now this looks like a pointless jab but I'll answer it anyway)
> My point is that these files shouldn't be in cvs in the first place.
> Compressing them is optimizing a situation thats wrong to begin with.
> Why not fix the problem once and for all? Lets make a versioned tarball
> of these things. Publish it somewhere on and clean the
> baggage from cvs.

To make it clear:
Personally, I actually want them to be removed, since I don't use it at
all, and do believe almost nobody uses it. However, these files still do
have value, even just for reference. I can imagine I'll hear screams
against removing them sometime soon, if I really do remove them from CVS.

If anybody have access to and can help uploading them once
for all, I'd be more than glad. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and compress
them. As malcolm said, this is a temporary measure.


> Yanko

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