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On 2003-05-19(Mon) 01:18:09 +0200, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> First of all, sorry very much for not requesting your work in 0.25.0,
> that release was to fit into the gnome 2.3.1 release plan and literally
> surprised me.

Two issues:

1. Once I asked about removing all .glade.h files from g-s-t, since
intltool can extract translations from .glade files directly. How's it
going? It's simple -- remove .glade.h files from CVS (and modify, and it's done, assuming they are not reused somewhere

2. What's the current policy on handling file in g-s-t:
maintainers will update it when adding/shuffling code around, or
leave it to translators? It's quite often that is not in
sync with the rest of source code. Besides, it contains many files
not activated by default (such as shares, location management etc),
which can be moved to POTFILES.skip until the remaining modules are
implemented later.


> to fit into the gnome 2.3.2 release plan, tomorrow the gnome system
> tools will make the release 0.26.0, so I'd like to request your efforts
> to translate it, thank you very much in advanced, and sorry very much
> once again for making the request so late :-(((
> 	Regards
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