Re: Bug #115289

On 2003-08-26(Tue) 22:38:58 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
> tis 2003-08-26 klockan 22.21 skrev Christian Rose:
> > Kjartan of course might disagree with my opinion, in that case so be it,
> > but I remain utterly convinced that adding hundreds of messages to GNOME
> > 2.4 at this point in time, or even after 2.4.0 is released, is a bad
> > idea, for the same reasons as why we delayed the intltoolizing of most
> > schemas files from the GNOME 2.2 string freeze period until GNOME 2.3.
> In case I didn't make it absolutely clear: I'm not changing my mind on
> this. If you need a different opinion, try to get Kjartan's. He might or
> might not disagree.

And I didn't expect you would change your mind. Nor do I mean I have the
power to make decisions. It will be you, carlos and kjartan to make
decisions. I'm expressing my (heated) opinion here.

Please don't use the word "ranting" here, you're insulting me. I'm
expecting your apology.


> In the mean time, stop ranting.
> Christian

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