Re: New PO Template file for `gnucash'

Carlos Perelló Marín menulis:
> El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 13:27, Karl Eichwalder escribió:

>>>I think that the best option is "a" or "c" because the option "b" will
>>>let that two different teams translate the same application.
>>The robot will prevent this from happening; see
>> :

I think , similar problem happened at gthumb,

luckily I'm 'dual boot' with both project.
the only problem left is versioning.. latest gthumb is 1.103
version avaoilable at that site is 1.101, & it's imposible to 'upload' 
1.103 translation.
hmm hmm

> The gnome stats are not the problem here. I could fix it easily.
> The problem is people using directly the that does not
> look at the status pages or when a GTP or GNU translator stops his/her
> work on this module, how will know that the other team?.

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