Re: Menus

6-Nov-98 16:03 you wrote:
>> and I DO think they should be greyed out instead of removed. consistency and
>> all that, plus impression. (the "geez, I would use this prog at home if it
>> could only do this and that..." - it can. it should be visible that it can)

> aye, this is good design because, as you said, it's quite consistent,
> and best presents the available functions (applicable to the current
> mode or not) to the user in an easy-to-understand way. unfortunately
> this is also something of a feature-request since some library somewhere
> is going to have to take into account that themeable gtk+ means that no
> matter _what_ color or shade you make unavailable menu choices, somebody
> will make a theme with the menu backgrounds exactly that color. best
> solution, of course, is to make the disabled color themeable too. anyway
> i don't think this code exists yet so maybe it isn't even an option...?

Problem with grayed items are completely non-related to custmizable (by admin)
menus. But since grayed item usually means "this feature non-applicable here"
(something "Paste" command when clipboard is empty) this is not so consistent
design. This looks like try to make tantalizing feeling for customer: this
feature here and you could use it if.... if what ? If you'll go to admin with
BIG hammer or if you'll crack system, perhaps ? Not good design. If I'll be
deprived of some features I'll be content in most cases but if each time when
I'll try to use menu I'll be reminded that I'm expilictly bereft of some
features... I bet sysamins will be unhappy with such design since this will
GREATLY raise noise level from users...

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