Re: Menus

Khimenko Victor <> wrote:
> > I suppose this has been solved already with tearable menus? of course you
> > have to be able to tear (and stick to the desktop) sub-menus as well, but if
> > you look at, e.g. afterstep, the whole root menu works that way. it's great.
> > if you want to test all the backgrounds, you take decorations->pictures and
> > then just stick the list to the desktop and click on them in succession. :)
> AFAIK GNOME does not have tearable menus.

not yet. :)

I remember it was suggested on this list and greeted with a lot of "yes". I
sincerely hope someone is working on this already. it's probably a gtk issue

> etc: layout is stored somewhere deep in configuration files ( for
> Word, for example).

eh... config files are called .dot by M$ ? geez... they can't come up with
ONE original idea, eh? :))

> > the self-adjustable menus are one of the most stupid things I've ever seen
> > in a gui. if there's a single rule of ui design they don't violate, someone
> > please tell me.
> > they're simply awful.
> Do you seen them "in work" ?

do, no. did, yes. it's like watching a battlefield after the show - you get
a certain feel for what's been destroyed there that day.

Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
		-- Henry Spencer

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