Re: DH planning meeting

Milo Casagrande wrote:

> > Before we can do this, we need to make sure that new contributors can
> > get a working version of gnome-shell installed on their computer
> > relatively easily. There's an Ubuntu PPA, but it was broken last time I
> > checked. Any ideas?
> I think we may have a hard time here...
> Last time I checked jhbuild (and it was kind of 2 weeks ago), it
> wasn't compiling. I don't know how the situation is now.
> For the gnome-shell, instead, I use their script to compile it, and it
> works pretty well: the problem is that (for me) is an half-baked
> experience, since I'm not using the latest version of GNOME, but the
> last stable release, so it's not the real whole experience, but it
> gives you a pretty good idea about how the shell works.

Hopefully the shell will follow the GNOME schedule and produce usable
releases in a timely manner (2.31.4 is planned for June 30th), this
should help distributions in packaging, making it easier to test.


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