Re: gbrainy Mallard documentation

Hi Jordi,

I'm bringing this topic up again.
I'm done writing all the topics that I find relevant for gbrainy help.
You can find the final work here:

Input and review from everybody is very well appreciated.

Some notes:
- There is a little problem (for now) with the title of the document
when viewed with Yelp: you will see something like "gbrainy logo
gbrainy". This is due to the fact that I've added a small image to the
title of the document, writing also the alt text for the image. It is
a known "problem": Shaun, do you think it is fixable before the 2.30
release or for the 3.0? If we want to proceed and leave that small
images there, that means gbrainy will have to depend on a non-released
version of gnome-doc-utils if gbrainy is released around mid February.
- I wrote a little table with the duration in seconds of the games at
the various difficult level: it is necessary to check if the values
are right, I calculated them from the original document.
- Is it gbrainy or Gbrainy?

When it has been reviewed and you think the help is OK, please feel
free to move it from gitorious into gnomegit, or I can do that and
take care of the Makefile too.


Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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