Re: gbrainy Mallard documentation

Hello Milo,

> Running automake --gnu  ...
> gnome-doc-utils.make:74: if $(DOC_H_FILE: non-POSIX variable name
> gnome-doc-utils.make:74: (probably a GNU make extension)
> help/   `gnome-doc-utils.make' included from here
> gnome-doc-utils.make:77: if $(DOC_H_FILE: non-POSIX variable name
> gnome-doc-utils.make:77: (probably a GNU make extension)
> help/   `gnome-doc-utils.make' included from here
> Any idea on this?
Are you still having this problem? Is this a blocker thing or it
compiles anyway?

It compiles. It just a set of warnings.  You will notice them if you do an when building gbrainy from sources.

I've been playing a little bit with gbrainy help to move it into a
more topic-base approach, splitting up some of your paragraphs into
smaller chunk of information and giving the document almost the same
structure as the GNOME Tetravex one I've been playing around.

You can find the initial work here:

The topics there are not all written, I added them in order to see the
structure of the "entire" help, some others are missing, and the
entire help needs a good review.

What do you think of a structure like that? If it's OK I can go on and
work on that a little bit more, and maybe complete the help (but
unlikely for the mid-January release).

Let me know.

For me is OK if you propose a new structure and rearrange the contents in a better way and extend the current documentation.

Just one thing: please try to leverage as much as we can in my previous work when possible.

There are already a few people that has translated the help[1] and there is at least 3 or 4 people more working on translations.

Let me know your progress.

Thanks Milo.




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