Re: gbrainy Mallard documentation

Hi Jordi,

2010/1/12 Jordi Mas <jordimash gmail com>:
> It compiles. It just a set of warnings.  You will notice them if you do an
> when building gbrainy from sources.

I'll try and see if I can understand the problem.

> For me is OK if you propose a new structure and rearrange the contents in a
> better way and extend the current documentation.
> Just one thing: please try to leverage as much as we can in my previous work
> when possible.
> There are already a few people that has translated the help[1] and there is
> at least 3 or 4 people more working on translations.

I'll try to reuse as mush as I can.
Some of the strings have been reused, maybe with some rewording or
small changes.

> Let me know your progress.

Just to have an idea: you said you will do a release in mid-January,
very unlikely for me to complete the help, when do you think you're
going to make a new release after this one? Even a rough estimate
would be fine, so that we can work on the help and maybe warn the
translators a little bit in advance that there might be some new

Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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