Re: Mallard 1.2 Ideas

A couple quick notes, as I'm on the road as Milo mentions.

Yes, I'd like to see planning for 2.28 / 2.30 ASAP, and some structure in place (git branch, etc).  I'd like us to think about how we're going to prepare for GNOME Shell and how we'll react to development changes through out 2.29 for it - I'm pretty passionate about Shell, and I have a personal goal of the best possible docs for it to help users with the changes they're going to encounter.

I can do Sunday afternoon CST (1-3 is best when the kids are napping :).  Next week is a little rough for me, but Wed afternoon or Thurs / Fri are best if Sunday doesn't work.


On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name> wrote:

2009/8/6 Phil Bull <philbull gmail com>:
> We're definitely not ready yet!

No, right now we are not.

What I see as a "problem", or at least I fear it, is that 2.28 will be
out September 21st, then we will have 6 months to work on the new
"user guide". I really think we should have something in place (= a
*detailed* plan), before that date, so that soon after the release we
can start to write (or even before), review or proofread. All of this
leaves us with a little bit more than a month. And we also need to
take into account how to handle translations.

(BTW, it would be great to have a GNOME Doc session during FOSDEM
2010, I know that GNOME usually have a room there)

> I'd like to recruit and train a few more
> contributors, do some serious user testing and plan things out properly
> first. I think that we should also try to get more downstreams involved.

That would be really awesome!

> I'm working on (finally!) writing-up some of the planning-related things
> I discussed with Lynda at WOSCON at the moment. I've attached an
> unfinished draft, please let me know what you think.

Good work! I think it's shaping out quite well!

>> What about having an IRC meeting next week so we can start talking
>> about this and writing down things on the wiki? Or even this coming
>> Sunday...
> That sounds like a great idea.

Sunday might be a too short notice, I know that Paul is traveling in
these days, what about next week? Shaun, what's the best day&time for

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