Re: Mallard 1.2 Ideas

On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 21:35 +0200, Milo Casagrande wrote:
> 2009/8/5 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> >
> > All right, let's kill the term "User Guide" right now.  Let's
> > talk about the "Desktop Help".  The Desktop Help is a document,
> > and it will be the default document loaded by Yelp.  It has
> > lots and lots of pages that deal with various things.
> >
> > The Nautilus Help is a collection of pages all about Nautilus.
> > I'll call any collection of pages a "stack".  As I've said
> > before, I think it makes sense to maintain certain stacks in
> > separate modules.  So the Nautilus stack would be maintained
> > in the nautilus module.
> > So in a sense, what this proposal is about is allowing us
> > to specify sort of subdocuments within a document.
> Shaun, how can we proceed with this? I mean, technically speaking...
> during last IRC meeting we discussed about creating a new "directory"
> in the g-u-d repo for gnome3-user-guide, but since it is an absolutely
> interesting idea to talk in terms of a "Desktop Help" with separate
> documents in separate modules (that means per-application help), how
> can we move?
> I think it's time we start to create something, even only as place to
> store ideas or to experiment, as a proof-of-concept, but we need
> something, even in the wiki. We can go with gitorious or use the g-u-d
> repo. We can store drafts of documents for various applications there
> and then move them to their modules.
> Maybe the best way to start is creating a new wiki page (DesktopHelp,
> better ideas?) under the DocumentationProject were we can foster these
> ideas, give them a structure and see what needs to be done, what
> actions should we take. What do you think?

If we're ready to start writing content, I suggest we make
a new branch in gnome-user-docs on  We could
just make a new directory on master and not link it into the
build, but I fear that translators would see that and go nuts.
I don't know how D-L works, but I know Pulse doesn't look at
SUBDIRS to see what's actually put into the tarball.

So we create a gnome-3-0 branch and put things into a new
directory.  I guess now would be a good time to decide on
a document identifier.  I'd like to avoid taking a generic
name like "user-guide".  Suggestions?

But are we ready to start writing right now?  Do we want to
hold some planning sessions first?  The wiki could be a good
place to sketch out ideas.  Good writing starts with good
planning and all that jazz.


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