Re: Mallard 1.2 Ideas

2009/8/6 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> So we create a gnome-3-0 branch and put things into a new
> directory.  I guess now would be a good time to decide on
> a document identifier.  I'd like to avoid taking a generic
> name like "user-guide".  Suggestions?

I like desktop-help as an identifier.

> But are we ready to start writing right now?  Do we want to
> hold some planning sessions first?  The wiki could be a good
> place to sketch out ideas.  Good writing starts with good
> planning and all that jazz.

Definitely better to start with a planning session, and a wiki page
(the name of the wiki page I think will better be the same as the
identifier). My idea was not to start really writing, but at least to
kickstart things.

What about having an IRC meeting next week so we can start talking
about this and writing down things on the wiki? Or even this coming

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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