Re: Mallard 1.2 Ideas

On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 15:10 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> The plan right now is to call the Mallard specification 1.0
> around the time of the Gnome 2.30/3.0 release.  This will
> be followed by Mallard 1.2 in about six months, which will
> contain features that I've intentionally punted on for 1.0.
> People have asked about things, so this email details what
> I've been considering for Mallard 1.2.  Note that this is
> about the specification.  There are many features I intend
> to add to my XSLT implementation and to Yelp that don't
> require any changes to the specification.

Adding to the list, so I don't forget:

Root/Index Links
Mallard takes the page with the ID "index" to be the root of
the entire document.  Among other things, this is used when
constructing the link trails at the top of each page.  We
try to find a path of guide links back to the top, and we
cap the trail length at some number.

I'm planning to add root links or index links (I haven't
decided on the name yet) that allow you to set additional
pages as being a root for some page.

So imagine you have a page telling you how to do something
in Nautilus.  Taken in the context of the User Guide, maybe
this page takes six steps to get back up to the root.  As a
result, no link trails are shown, because the link trail is
too long.

But if we have a page that we could consider to be a landing
page for all things Nautilus, we could set that as an extra
root for all Nautilus-related pages.  Then those pages would
get link trails that would at least get you back up to that
Nautilus guide page, if not the index page.


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