Re: [gnome-db]libgda-0.2.3 and Oracle 8i Enterprise

Stephan Heinze wrote:

replace all that stuff with

ORACLE_LIBS="-L${ORACLE_HOME}/lib -lclntsh "

as a quick'n'dirty workaround (AFAIK that doesn't work for hpux).

Thanks Stephan. That did the trick as a quick and dirty workaround. I will have to wait until later tonight get the gda service configured. Do you know if its possible to specify tcp as the protocol in the DSN field (giving a DSN entry like :PROTOCOL=tcp;HOST=<host>;PORT=1521;SID=orcl)? I would think it would since Java requires a similar setup (without the protocol since JDBC uses tcp by default), and the Oracle lisner.ora is also setup along these lines. :-)

Thanks again,
Bob Jones

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