Re: 1000 bugreports in one day, every day

Le jeudi 01 juin 2006 �2:39 +0200, Olav Vitters a �it :
> The only thing I find interesting is that we have nearly 30K of unique
> people getting the bug-buddy XML files in approx. one month. As they are
> starting Bug-Buddy I'd expect them to file a bug. 30K in one month is
> about 1000 bugs per day.
> We do not nearly get that amount of bugreports per day. We couldn't even
> handle that amount of bugreports.
> I can guess at some causes;
> - The need for sendmail
> - Port 25 not being blocked by the ISP/company
> - The requirement for an email address (which I will never change)
> - Difficulty of using bug-buddy
> A few of those will be fixed in an upcoming Bug-Buddy version. That will
> support XML-RPC to submit bugs, it will support proxies (bypassing most
> firewalls) and simplify the bug-buddy interface a lot.
> This will remove a lot of the reasons I can think of why we are not
> getting a 1000 bugreports a day. So I have to wonder what happens when
> 2.16.0 is released with the perfect Bug-Buddy.
> There are a few more ideas to make filing bugreports easier. What
> happens if those are implemented? Will Bugzilla still be usable?

While 1000 bugs per day would be nice for my bugzilla points (most of
the bugs should be duplicates for crashers), there's no way for us to
manually deal with this number of bugs.

> I do not like that crashers are filed in Bugzilla. I rather have that
> done (optionally) anonymously using some system that shows top crashers.
> The system should also add the debug information in some way (Fer has
> some thoughts on this). That would be far better then having all these
> dupes.

Do we have an estimation of the amount of work required for this? Even
without adding the debug information, it will be helpful to reduce the
number of bugs...


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