Re: 1000 bugreports in one day, every day

> I posted some stats about Bug-Buddy usage per GNOME version at:
> I couldn't really make any conclusions about it and the comments on that
> blog also point that out (unfortunate, because I hoped someone would see
> something insightful).
> I did make one conclusion from these figures. I'll quote the comment I
> made on my blog:
> ========================================================================
> The only thing I find interesting is that we have nearly 30K of unique
> people getting the bug-buddy XML files in approx. one month. As they are
> starting Bug-Buddy I'd expect them to file a bug. 30K in one month is
> about 1000 bugs per day.
> We do not nearly get that amount of bugreports per day. We couldn't even
> handle that amount of bugreports.
> I can guess at some causes;
> - The need for sendmail

I think that accounts for everything. I can't figure out how to make
bug-buddy send its reports(I'm using Ubuntu). Sometimes I'm not sure
whether it has sent it or if it's just lost in my system somehow. I'm no
genius, but I should be able to make it work. I know nothing of sendmail,
and I shouldn't have to.

I'm sure it used to be a lot easier.

> - Port 25 not being blocked by the ISP/company
> - The requirement for an email address (which I will never change)
> - Difficulty of using bug-buddy
> A few of those will be fixed in an upcoming Bug-Buddy version. That will
> support XML-RPC to submit bugs, it will support proxies (bypassing most
> firewalls) and simplify the bug-buddy interface a lot.
> This will remove a lot of the reasons I can think of why we are not
> getting a 1000 bugreports a day. So I have to wonder what happens when
> 2.16.0 is released with the perfect Bug-Buddy.
> There are a few more ideas to make filing bugreports easier. What
> happens if those are implemented? Will Bugzilla still be usable?
> I do not like that crashers are filed in Bugzilla. I rather have that
> done (optionally) anonymously using some system that shows top crashers.
> The system should also add the debug information in some way (Fer has
> some thoughts on this). That would be far better then having all these
> dupes.
> However, very soon the new Bug-Buddy version will be released. It is
> needed, and it will be released. I just wonder about what happens after
> that...
> ========================================================================
> A quick check shows that for last month received
> about 3393 bugs. This amount to ~ 110 bugs per day (created via the
> website and via Bug-Buddy).
> Perhaps people see the crash dialog, click 'Inform Developers' and after
> that choose not to file a bug. Probably within 6 months we will found
> out how often this happens.
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> Regards,
> Olav
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