Re: help with data on webkit accessibility

Thanks for the clear explanation.

On 23 February 2010 20:49, Joanmarie Diggs <joanmarie diggs gmail com> wrote:
> So the question now is where do we go from here? Do I spend my time
> hacking something together in Orca which only kinda sorta works to
> address the fact that Debian and Ubuntu have decided to do their own
> thing?

Until every version of every app is full accessibly some will be
better that others, so the distros decision process should take that
into account if a11y is .important to them (as I hope it will be).

> Or do I spend my time trying to work on the WebKitGtk side of
> things?

When the work is complete It will provide another option that is accessible.

> I'm sure my tone conveys my opinion.

I can't imagine what it is :-P


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