Re: WebKit a11y hack fest?

Hi folks,

I just ran a few tests using VoiceOver and Safari 4 beta on Mac OS. Like David said, basic ARIA support is there, but it still has ways to go. Also, I believe for some of this to fully work, VoiceOver needs to be adapted as well. For example, more complex widgets like tab panels, trees, grids etc. don't get recognized. Sliders are recognizedhalf-way (the fact that they're horizontal is conveyed, but the slider is "unknown").


Am 25.02.2009 um 15:53 schrieb David Bolter:

We could start a conversation on (?) -- but we might want to
have a time window in mind.

Safari now has some ARIA support... does anyone know if that is upstream?


Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks David!  Can you also get us in touch with the WebKit folks
working on WebKit a11y?


David Bolter wrote:
I can offer to be on a channel, depending on time/date.

Willie Walker wrote:
My idea situation is this:

1) On the WebKit side: people that know the WebKit a11y code and who
can also help us compile WebKit and run the sample WebKit apps.

2) On our side: people that can compile the WebKit code and who are
familiar with AT-SPI as well as what Gecko exposes via the AT-SPI.
Those involved should also be able to run accerciser, run Orca, etc.
We may also look to Eitan to help us with Speclenium.

The main goals would be:

1) Get an idea of where WebKit a11y is at.

2) Help GNOME folks figure out how to build/test WebKit a11y.

3) Help train the WebKit folks on using a11y tools to test their
implementation and learn what is expected. Ideally, the process will result in the WebKit folks getting a better understanding of a11y and
getting more information to test/debug their a11y implementation.
This is the optimal way to help close the feedback loop, IMO.


Bryen wrote:
On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 08:48 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
Hey All:

I know we're working on a hack fest for GNOME a11y issues, which is
an awesome thing.  One thing that is getting horrible attention,
however, is WebKit accessibility. In fact, accessibility is one of
the things preventing WebKit from being accepted into GNOME.

The WebKit folks have been making fixes, but we've not been very
responsive in testing them.  I wonder what people's thoughts are
about setting aside a day to try to coordinate time with the WebKit folks to try to do a virtual hackfest for WebKit a11y specifically
for GNOME?

I think this is a great idea, especially in showing that we want to
up to the plate in resolving the impasse.

One question I have. What type of testing do you have in mind? Who
would be the testers and what would they need to have in order to
provide good testing results?

I think finding the proper testers for a11y stuff is always a
and I want to make sure we have adequate people around on that day,
whatever designated day we all settle upon.

Bryen Yunashko
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