Re: WebKit a11y hack fest?

I can offer to be on a channel, depending on time/date.

Willie Walker wrote:
> My idea situation is this:
> 1) On the WebKit side: people that know the WebKit a11y code and who
> can also help us compile WebKit and run the sample WebKit apps.
> 2) On our side: people that can compile the WebKit code and who are
> familiar with AT-SPI as well as what Gecko exposes via the AT-SPI.
> Those involved should also be able to run accerciser, run Orca, etc. 
> We may also look to Eitan to help us with Speclenium.
> The main goals would be:
> 1) Get an idea of where WebKit a11y is at.
> 2) Help GNOME folks figure out how to build/test WebKit a11y.
> 3) Help train the WebKit folks on using a11y tools to test their
> implementation and learn what is expected.  Ideally, the process will
> result in the WebKit folks getting a better understanding of a11y and
> getting more information to test/debug their a11y implementation. 
> This is the optimal way to help close the feedback loop, IMO.
> Will
> Bryen wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 08:48 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
>>> Hey All:
>>> I know we're working on a hack fest for GNOME a11y issues, which is
>>> an awesome thing.  One thing that is getting horrible attention,
>>> however, is WebKit accessibility.  In fact, accessibility is one of
>>> the things preventing WebKit from being accepted into GNOME.
>>> The WebKit folks have been making fixes, but we've not been very
>>> responsive in testing them.  I wonder what people's thoughts are
>>> about setting aside a day to try to coordinate time with the WebKit
>>> folks to try to do a virtual hackfest for WebKit a11y specifically
>>> for GNOME?
>>> Will
>>> __
>> I think this is a great idea, especially in showing that we want to step
>> up to the plate in resolving the impasse.
>> One question I have.  What type of testing do you have in mind?  Who
>> would be the testers and what would they need to have in order to
>> provide good testing results?
>> I think finding the proper testers for a11y stuff is always a challenge
>> and I want to make sure we have adequate people around on that day,
>> whatever designated day we all settle upon.
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