Re: HFOSS: VizAudio & DOTS

Willie Walker escribió:

So....hey two interns, three projects. Maybe we let the interns decide what they want to work on? If that's the path we take, let's still at least try to line up a technical mentor for the VizAudio task and a mentor with braille expertise for the Dots task.

I agree with this... I mean, we are deciding what 2 interns are going to do in 10 weeks, so could be a good thing to let them chose showing them the tasks of the projects and what they/we should reach in the 10 weeks.

I would like to add (and not to create more decision problems =D ) that we could also consider a 10 bugs fixing week, is it possible? I mean, we could chose one of the a11y applications with more bugs (not hard to learn/program) and do an intensive bug fixing on that app.

Well, That's just another idea. I agree with letting the two interns decide (if possible) and for that we have to prepare a good document for each project explaining the taks and everything related to the project.


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