Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Janina,

Of course, the fact that this is established practice and widely
expected by users both on Windows and Linux should really end this
discussion, from the user point of view.  Choosing anything else will
certainly cause continuing confusion and displeasure among users, so
there'd need to be extremely powerful arguments to choose anything else.
I haven't heard arguments yet in this thread that strike me as
sufficiently convincing to look for some other modifier.

One of the arguments for Insert (or rather KP_Insert, the 0 on the numeric
keypad), is that you can do "chords" (Insert-<whatever>) with one hand,
whilst the other hand could remain on the braille display. I can quantify how significant that is to a blind user. Hopefully other members of this list can
speakup (sorry) and tell us.

It's available, achievable and remappable, and it's what users expect.
What else do we need to put this one to bed?

My feeling is that we just need to pick a default that most people want.
If that's CapsLock to be compatible with JAWS and Speakup, then so be it.
As it's configurable, other users can adjust accordingly.

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