RE: Orca on laptops.

I vote for employing Insert and CapsLock as modifiers. This will emulate
what's used in some Windows screen readers, and users will be accustomed
to it, which is a good thing.

Joe Lazzaro

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Hi Janina,

> Of course, the fact that this is established practice and widely
> expected by users both on Windows and Linux should really end this
> discussion, from the user point of view.  Choosing anything else will
> certainly cause continuing confusion and displeasure among users, so
> there'd need to be extremely powerful arguments to choose anything
> I haven't heard arguments yet in this thread that strike me as
> sufficiently convincing to look for some other modifier. 

One of the arguments for Insert (or rather KP_Insert, the 0 on the
keypad), is that you can do "chords" (Insert-<whatever>) with one hand,
whilst the other hand could remain on the braille display.  I can 
quantify how
significant that is to a blind user. Hopefully other members of this 
list can
speakup (sorry) and tell us.

> It's available, achievable and remappable, and it's what users expect.
> What else do we need to put this one to bed?

My feeling is that we just need to pick a default that most people want.
If that's CapsLock to be compatible with JAWS and Speakup, then so be
As it's configurable, other users can adjust accordingly.

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