Re: Using espeak

> I'm still hoping to get back to Speech Dispatcher Orca backend soon, but
> as you may have also realized, the reality is not always in agreement
> with our wishes...

:-)  There's always too much work to do, too few people to do it, and
not enough time.  :-(

> Today, we talked with Hynek Hanke about it and we agreed to cooperate on
> that.  None of us can afford devoting too much time to it, but we will
> try to find the most efficient solution and add callback support to the
> Orca/SD backend.  Still can't promise any dates, since this is done in
> our spare time, which practically doesn't exist...

That would be great!  As I mentioned before - we definitely appreciate
your work here.

> Will, what is the current status of Orca speech API.  Did you do the
> changes you planned in summer?  Or do you plan some changes in near future?

I may be confused, but I thought the way we left it was that you were
going to work on a layer over SpeechDispatcher (very thin, since
SpeechDispathcher was going to do most of the work), and then
potentially do a layer over gnome-speech (thicker, since more higher
level logic is needed).  We should take this discussion off the larger
list, though, and try to work something out.  The refactoring needed
might get a bit sticky.

Thanks again for all your work and commitment,


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