Re: Using espeak

Willie Walker wrote:
> 3) I've been holding off rolling the direct speech-dispatcher support
> into Orca because of the lack of callbacks.  The main reason we want
> callbacks today is to be able to position the caret when a "say all"
> operation completes or is interrupted.  In the future, we could use them
> to move the magnifier region of interest and also to highlight the
> current text being spoken as it is spoken.  We've been talking with the
> speech-dispatcher folks regarding getting callbacks.  The ball is in
> their court right now, and I'm waiting for a response from them.

Hello Will, Nolan and all,

I'm still hoping to get back to Speech Dispatcher Orca backend soon, but
as you may have also realized, the reality is not always in agreement
with our wishes...

Today, we talked with Hynek Hanke about it and we agreed to cooperate on
that.  None of us can afford devoting too much time to it, but we will
try to find the most efficient solution and add callback support to the
Orca/SD backend.  Still can't promise any dates, since this is done in
our spare time, which practically doesn't exist...

Will, what is the current status of Orca speech API.  Did you do the
changes you planned in summer?  Or do you plan some changes in near future?

Anyway, Nolan, if you prefer to make espeak working without caret
positioning, the current Orca/SD backend might be still useful for you
and should be more responsive than the
Orca/gnome-speech/speech-dispatcher solution (which doesn't support
callbacks aswell).  See

Best regards, Tomas.

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