Using espeak

Cool, thanks for posting the Ubuntu installation howto--I'd not known about using ctrl-tab to exit the city selection in ubiquity, and that was the only sticking point for me. :)

Now I'm trying to set up a comfortable development environment, and must admit that festival's slurry voice is one of the major factors keeping me on my mac. I've tried espeak and, while I don't think I could handle it for reading books and such, it should do rather nicely for development.

I looked over the "linux accessibility demo" thread earlier this month to refresh my memory, because I remembered reports that espeak and orca might not work so well together. If I read the thread correctly, though, the problems are with speech-dispatcher and orca.

Here's where I'm confused--if speech-dispatcher support in orca is being held back by the lack of callback support, does that affect using speech-dispatcher through gnome-speech? The exact reasoning behind the not-so-niceness of using espeak with orca was never quite clarified, but is it a result of going directly from orca to espeak, as the thread made it sound as if the intent was to bipass gnome- speech completely? Are there any issues with using espeak via speech- dispatcher via gnome-speech, or is that not possible?


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