Re: Caps lock (and friends).

What I personally do in order to know if my caps,scroll,num lock key is on is
to run a little background process called locktones (which I wrote many years
ago to deal with this very problem). It sounds tones of configurable pitches
for each of the various lock keys via the PC speaker. It's not a perfect
solution for at least two reasons, i.e. the current code has hooks for, but is
not yet portable to, all platforms, and it wouldn't help a deaf person. It's
very effective, though, and the latter concern is somewhat mitigated by the
fact that a deaf person would be using braille so misuse of uppercase would be
caught much more readily. Those Linux users who'd like to use it until a better 
becomes available can download it from:

Also, Gnome (and any other a11y) people are, of course, entirely free to
plagiarize the concept as all I care about is that users get the features they

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