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It is vital to our survival that we do not agree too quickly with such people. We do already have end users who are using gnopernicus to carry our their daily work; without our existing work, as it already is, this would not be possible.

There are four open source assistive technologies directly using the AT-SPI framework already, and two of them are screenreaders. Both are under active development, so we should be careful not to undersell what we have achieved. I agree that there is a lot of work left to do, but we have the great advantage of having done the work in the open where all can contribute to its improvement.


Samuel Thibault wrote:


Dave Lister, le Thu 29 Sep 2005 21:33:45 +0800, a écrit :
The following have emailed Mass. regarding the lack of support in Open Source for the blind or visually impaired. Do you have any information to the contrary. If so do you mind informing them of such.

Well, I cannot but say that I unfortunately do agree with those people:
really usable graphical screen reader don't yet exist on linux. And
these people need to use graphical application for their jobs.

There _are_ efforts on this, and on the long run those people will
really have _better_ access to free software than to proprietary
software (so that shifting to free software _is_ a good idea). But
for now, it seems that gnopernicus is far from providing the same
accessibility as JAWS.

My 2¢,
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