Re: Gnome and support for the visually impaired

Hi Bill,

Congratulations ! You did it !
And it's nearly as well written as what you would produce with eyes
opened, I guess.

My guess is that Gnopernicus' support for speech is much, much better
than what it is for braille, cause I could certainly not do what you did
in braille, I think.

My personal conclusion is that, indeed, it seems thas a11y of graphical
applications is in progress. But still: I don't believe it is as good as
a11yof text mode apps, for the moment.
That said, and as other underlined already, open source is a wonderful
opportunity to produce a fully accessible system, and we _must_ take
advantage of such an opportunity.

By the yay, Bill: since you seem verygood at doing things blindly with
your computer, I might suggest you other challenges in the future (like
ordering products on the web). If you are kind enough to accept them,
your success will be a wonderfully strong motivation for me to try
Gnopernicus myself.

Cheers, and congratulations again,

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